So pissed!! Drove to Kallang hoping to catch glimpse of bike race, but we were an hour early. With sun shinning brightly and our body perspring crazily, we decided to give this a miss.

Then we proceed on to the Samsung Skydive Festival. Not knowing anything about parking fee we drove towards the direction indicated on signage along the road. At the entrance of a state land, a guy stopped us and asked for $6! *dudz…* Parking on state land w/o tentage for the cars under such hot sun and yet we’ve to pay $6!! Said thanks to them and reversed out of the sickening place. There goes yet another plan… *sigh…*

In the end, we decided to go for a movie. Caught AVP at Suntec. Movie was good and best part is we finally got to sit and rest. Giving the show rating of 3 out of 5. Funny at times and directing was good. Worth catching if you’re the Predator’s fan.