Brought Yasmin to Science Center today. The moment the car stopped at the carpark, the first thing she said was, “McDonald!” She got even more excited when we walked past the entrance where she saw the water fountain! We had to hold her in our arms in order to prevent her from escaping towards the water.

Inside Science Center, she was so excited and was playing around the first few exhibits at the entrance. We told her that there are many more fun things inside, well apprantly she still do not understand, she continues to jump around not wanting to go. We carried her in and she got even more excited! Every button, knob, hole, pipe, etc etc… she sees it, she wants it! She was running everywhere and we totally got out of control. The last resort… carry her!

After all the fun and excitement, we took a break at McDonald’s. She was delighted and was enjoying her Happy Meal and the box!