Been thinking lately about furthering my studies. Seeing people around me struggling with textbooks and papers, I kinda miss those days too.

Talked to some of them about studying in the Open Uni at SIM and thought that maybe I should go ahead with it. Few of them gave advises to me and encouraged me to take up the degree since I’m still young and no commitments with family yet. They having to juggle with work, family and examinations… I take my hat off for them. *applause*

Questions pondering in mind now…
Where am I going to get that sum of almost $20K for my school fees?
Am I going to be able to handle work, my life and studies all together?
Will I be able to complete the course within the 3-4 years?
Will I be staying in my profession after graduation? Or will I want a change in environment?
What about my life? My future plans?

I don’t have much time to think, and have quickly made up my mind to go ahead with it, that is if I can get necessary “sponsorship” from my parents/ relatives. Taking up study loan from MOE is another option, but am reluctant to do it as I do not know if I will be able to continue with my profession in 5/6 years time.

On my desk now is the application for SIM and the print out of my desired Degree programme. Maybe I will continue to think about it since the application is already close for 2005 intake. But then again, if I can submit the eapplication by this week, who knows, maybe I’ll be able to start in feb 2005 if there’s still place for the programme. *keeping fingers cross*