Today I was at the wrong place at the wrong time! The crowd at Orchard was crazy! Everyone was busy with their last minute shopping for Christmas. Queue was terrible and the service staffs’ attitude was very bad! Ok lah, I understand it’s very tiring and annoying when the shoppers keep coming non-stop and people pulling clothes from piles at sale and all the usuals when crowd is in. But aren’t they suppose to at least keep their smile on? Worst still, some even gave customers annoyed expression or forgot to return customer’s atm card after payment! So blur!

My foot hurts now… my arms and wrists are aching and crying for help. The moment I press on a key on my keyboard, the muscles in my arms twitch a little! That’s how bad my day was that I ended with so much pain in my body. I am NEVER going anywhere near Orchard for the next whole week!

For those who are planning to pop by ANY shopping center tomorrow to get your last minute gift, let me warn you… wear shoes (or else be prepared to get stepped on the toes) and be prepared to sweat and curse!