Edu Tech – that’s what I’m going to call my new blog category. This is where I will post serious and I mean SERIOUS stuff which I might need to refer to.

For those who are interested, well, you can share the links I’ve posted, and we might have chance of collaborating. Who knows ya?

Apart from my blabbing on my boring life and ugly, no standard photos, Edu Tech will be one that features useful articles on using technology in teaching and learning. As part of the IT Dept, I think I play quite an important role in “bringing the dept to another level” as quoted by a VIP in my school. And since there’s so so many things we can do and find on the net, my blog will be the start of this BIG project.

Where did I get this idea of starting this category? Well, I was just checking through my groups in flickr and then I came across this link to this blog and then from there to another and then to another… that’s how useful blogging is! You get deeper in a subject you’re interested in at every click you make! Awesome isn’t it? Thus here I am, going to be the next link to all these fantastic links out there.

Here’s some for a start…
By Steven Downes – lots of articles on his projects and research.
How to Delight and Instruct in the 21st Century – Some point to ponder on Game-Based Learning by Joel Foreman. (Review of EDUCAUSE)
KidzLog – tool for kids.