Soon 2004 will be gone. This year marked many upsetting times and news. Life for many had been tough, miserable, and for some, sad to say… gone. *a minute of silence*

For myself, 2004 has been a exhausting year. With many ups and downs, some at my lowest. Thank god, everything is getting better and better. Finally the tidal wave in my heart has been calmed and I believe true love will always be accepted. “Love is all around. Love is all around…” (Warrau! What year liao still sing this kind of song!)

Ok, let’s put 2004 aside and eventually into our own history book. 2005 will be a better year. (Everyone hopes it will be.) My greatest happiness for the year would be to be given what I deserve after all the hard work that I’d put into my job and the even more harder work that I will be putting in to my job in 2005. A promo I hope. *winks*

As per my usual practise, new year resolutions for 2005…

  1. Continue being so loving and caring and true to the one I love.
  2. Continue to jog 3 times weekly and to remove some more fats.
  3. Complete all tasks assigned to me as perfectly as I can.
  4. Give my best to my kids and provide them with necessary skills and knowledge. (ehhh… will try lah.)
  5. Keep my room and work desk as clean as possible. *cough cough*
  6. Save $$$$!!!!! (which I always failed)
  7. Not to buy/change mobile phone for 2005.
  8. Sleep early. Wake up very early! (for work. no choice.)

Hmm… think that’s all for now. Will update should there be more. I will try my best to keep to the resolutions. (Althought many times I tend to fail a couple of them. But heah! At least I did try!) *grinz*