Been too long since I blogged. Feeling tired and sleepy after working through the night and couldn’t find energy to even log in to check the comments spamming! Not only no time for blog! Even forum, friendster, photoblog and all these interests of mine seemed to have been dead. Can someone please give me another 24 hours each day? *rolleyes*

So what have I been busy with? Well… here’s a quick note:
– marking, what else! and best part is… it’s piling up everyday!
– searching for ppl for projects.
– project planning.
– started studying for my BSc. Feeling very stressed liao.
– IT competitions preparation.
– EL Lit planning and reviewing…
– the daily routines at work…
– research and that means lots of eye straining and backaching time.
and lots of others… just can’t work my mind to list it out now. I think an additional boast of hard drive might help me.

I miss my fun and rest and carefree time! *sob*