Thanks to Asra’s reminder of my past post on types of people… I think there should be one for the types of pupils nowadays…

The Attitude Kid
Tr: … so class now that I’ve explained what to do, you may start your discussion now.
St: (Shouting) Teacher do what?!
Tr: …
St: (Shouting to peers) Eh what to do ah?!
Tr: …

What is wrong with them? Are they deaf? No! Are they not paying attention? No! Then? They simply don’t care! Whatever the teacher says before the activity is basically noise to them. Instead of listening, they talked and talked and talked! When come to work, they’ll ask you what you just said.

The Bo-Chap Kid
Tr: John can you please pass up your book?
St: …
Tr: John where’s your book?
St: … (tried searching into the bag)…
Few minutes later…
Tr: John where’s your book???
St: … (no reaction)

Omg! What is this? They simply cannot be bothered. Didn’t bring so what? Didn’t pass up work so what? This group of kids usually forget to complete their homework, forget to bring their books and don’t give a damn to what the teacher is saying. They simply cannot be bothered!

The Chatterbox Kid
Tr: Class please sit down and keep quiet.
St: (Continued talking, slamming their friends to the floor, snatching their friend’s things, shouting across the classroom for another friend…)
Tr: Class can all of you please sit down?!
St: … scene countinues…
Tr: All of you stand up!!
(Most pupils too up with some still continued talking while they’re being punished.)
Tr: … Henry!
St: … (Shuts up.)

This is the most common type of kids in class. They can’t seem to control their lips! They cannot stop talking for more than 1 minute. The best part is… when you give them the opportunity to talk in class, they keep their mouth shut! Arghhh…

The above are just some of the kids that we see nowadays. And I can tell you, there are worst ones! Some beyond words can describe. In such cases, I chose to ignore.