I’m becoming a panda again! This time, it’s worst!

What happened in class…
As I was walking around the class checking on pupils’ work, I almost fell flat onto the floor! And at many instances, I was totally gonez for 2 to 3 seconds! Oh man! This is very bad.

Lack of sleep = Lack of concentration = Bad temper = Ineffeciency at work.

How to survive like that? I need a break. Desprately.

Ms Brainy whispering in my ears… “Hey! Your holidays are coming! 1 week of break what!”

HAHA! Break? One Week?? Who say so?? What’s going to happen for that week?
Saturday: Work on my presentation for NZ IT Symposium + Writing of a 5-days- lesson-plans for P3 EL Lit program. <<--- *sheesh*I hate this! Sunday: Rehearsal for the presentation + marking of worksheets. Monday: Rehearsal and final touch up for the presentation. Tuesday: Whole day @ Maris Stella High for NZ IT Symposium. Wednesday: Preparation for my AR paper with team + Lunch treat for my class. Thursday: More preparation and discussion for my AR paper + updating of elearning portal. Friday: Got to finish up all outdated work + marking! All 6 days (excl. Sunday) need to go back to school! What kind of holiday is this? The same phrase again..."Who said that teachers are overpaid and under worked?" Wake up! We work throughtout holidays too! And we cannot get leaves as and when we want! And we always need to pay that extra for tours during the school holidays. And we have tons of other work to do apart from teaching! I don't mind putting in my time for work and no play, but... I want MORE money!!! *sob*