Yipee! 2005 is coming to an end soon. Few more hours and 2006 is here! Many things happened in 2005, some bad ones and many happy ones. Since its all in the past, I shall not dwell on them anymore.

What do I want to do in 2006? Well, first of course to countdown for July. Why? Cause it marks the beginning of a new life for me! Yap! Me! New life! Hahaha! ERm… nope, I’m not getting married yet, but I’m going for a career change! No more going to be Miss Lim. But hmm… what’s going to happen in July shall remain a secret for now till the plan is firmed.

Every year I’ll try to make some resolution for the new year. But hardly able to keep them. In 2006, I MUST force myself to keep to these resolutions that I’m going to make now. Haha! Hope I’ll be able to do it this time.

  1. To save at least 20% of my monthly income. And NOT to touch them.
  2. To repay all outstanding debts that I’ve incurred.
  3. To lose at least 1kg per month. hmmm…
  4. To stop snacking as much as I had in 2005.
  5. To scrap daily and complete 1 LO per day.
  6. To stop changing my mobile phone in 2005. Stick to my Sony K750i!
  7. To take my D70 out at least once a month for shoots.
  8. To be nice to everyone around me! Yes I am!
  9. To eat my vitamin pills daily.

Erm… I think that’s enough for now. Got to go out soon. So I sure continue again later… erm… maybe tomorrow… later got mahjong party at my place from 6pm till dawn! Hahaha!! :D

Happy New Year everyone! Have a blissful 2006! ;)