Haven’t been posting in my blog recently. Too tired and busy with work and play. Haha! Anyway, it has been a great short break till I fell sick after my first TFCD (Time For Compact Disc) yesterday. It was a 4 hour photoshoot with 7 photogs at Pasir Ris. An experienced that was too new for me.

The photogs were all very professional and good, but sad to say, I’m just too plain and ugly to be infront of the camera. So far I’ve seen couple of their photos posted on the forum… *sweat* and their techniques and framing are great. But again, I’ve to spoil their great photos wih my cmi face. Still waiting for the rest to show their takes.

Friday was also another exciting outing with CS. It was the first Pinky:st outing and boy there were many photogs and Pinky:st!

The models for the day. :)

There were many great shots of these cute little models. Despite the bad weather, all of us had fun and it was a successful outing. Hope I’ll have time to do round 2 in time to come.

Today, there will b a TFCD session with S11loop at Marina at 4pm. I was supposed to be there too. But I’m down with flu! Popped couple of pills and hope I’ll get well enough to go for the shoot. It’s going to be fun and I don’t want to miss it! :(