Past few nights I’ve been scrapping non-stop till around 3am in the morning. I know physically I’m tired and needs to rest my body, but the scrapping rush in my blood is too strong to stop!

With the many encouragements and support from my dear friends at my-going-to-be-ex-working-place, I feel so motivated to create and be able to present them with prettier and more creative albums and products. With the soon-to-be-full-time-job, I’m sure I’ll have tons of time for my creativity and fingers to do what they’re best at.

9 more days before my debut at China Square Central Flea Market. And I think it’ll just be for a month and that’s it! Cause I’ll be doing more and bigger projects (hopefully) at my-soon-to-be-full-time-job!! Weeeeeeeee!!! Exciting exciting!! More details will be up soon once I get things finalised for the CSC Flea Market. If you’re reading this, do please must come visit me at the stall ok. It’ll be on EVERY Sunday in June from 3rd June. Look out for my promotional flyers soon!!