It was a fun and crazy morning at TNP Bigwalk 2006! This year’s my first year as a Nikonian at the Bigwalk. Got up at 4am and was out and on the way to Kallang at 5am. Had breakfast at Mac and headed down to Nikon Booth at National Stadium, hoping to get into the first 100 early bird draw. Well, we did got in, but no luck with the draw. :(

There were many many photogs in yellow tee! It seems pretty crazy and am glad that I was given the chance to be part of it. There were many familiar faces whom I met, at least once, from CS. And some, well, I can’t really figure out who they were, but they seem to know me! Hmmm… must be my Pinky:st lah!

Didn’t get to witness the flag off as the group I’m following decided to head down to the U-turn to catch the competitive walkers in action. So off we went in air-con nikon chartered bus… phew! Heavenly feeling man! We were the first group to arrive at One Fullerton and since we were early, some of us decided to fool around and started posing ON the road… which was pretty empty early in the morning. Crazy lot I must say!

Soon after, we saw people walking towards us and all of us got into position… high up on the bridge, lay low on the road and some just stood and waited. The cameras started firing rapidly the moment the walkers approached. Sadly me, I got to stick to my 50mm. The Sigma I bought just not up to the standard with the kind of lighting and angles. So sad… time to upgrade!! Hoho!! After about 30minutes of shooting the walkers, I decided to shoot my Pinky:st! It was a rather painful experience as I got cramps on my shoulders and neck when I positioned myself to shoot them. Ouch! It really hurts bad!

After that, we walked to the pick-up point and head back to the main event area. And at this time, I’ve got Edwin’s very expensive lens on my D70s. It’s the kind of lens that’ll make you die for! ARghhhh!! I want!!! Used the lens to shoot kids and dogs back at the main area. Great lens! Great bokeh! I want! I want! I want! That’ll go into my wish list… who’ll be so kind to buy it for me? Not much lah… around $2.5K only I think… hoho!!