YES!! I’m OFFICIALLY OUTTA the miserable job! Feeling GREAT! But… I’m going to miss my dear friends and love one. :(
YES!! I’m OFFICALLY part of MWL’s team! Yipppeee!! First day at work and it was quite an experience. Although I’ve done sales and cashier-ing in the past, still today was pretty new to me. Had little hiccup just now with the counter duty, but managed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Just need to relax a little, I don’t know why I get little nervous when a Q starts forming infront of me! Haha!

Oh and when the phone rang, I quickly brought it to Kelly. I don’t think I’m prepared to answer any calls as yet. I felt so silly rushing to Kelly whenever the phone rang. Hahahaha!

Will be learning the morning duties tomorrow and also to experience opening. And after that, it’ll be from 11.30am to 9.30pm daily till end of the month.  So far I’m lovin’ the job! However I’m looking forward to discovering my personal portfolios. Excited to know what they’ve planned for me. And I hope I’ll be able to get the job done well. (I know myself, no matter what I’m given, I’ll always put in my 101%.)

Ok, time to rest now. Nitez.