Its July! And its my birthday tomorrow!! As my personal custom, I’m going to blog down my birthday wishes for 2006… hope I can achieve them or maybe someone out there will fullfill one or two of my wishes too… hehe… any kind soul reading this now?

Claudia’s Birthday Wishes 2006 

  1. Stay happy with my new job and enjoy the time at work.
  2. Love myself and my life.
  3. Seriously consider saving at least part of my monthly salary!
  4. I want my own house! (Be it rented or purchased)
  5. A new camera – a pink Fuji Z3 seems pretty cute. :P
  6. Many many Alphas of all design and colours for my scrapbook pages!
  7. Since I already bought the MM Tote Bag, maybe a MM Roller Bag would match well with it. (Black one please.) :D
  8. New printer – Epson R230 seems to be highly recommended by my friends.
  9. Some new clothes – I realised my “collection” of clothes are so dull and boring. More colours and jeans needed!
  10. A pair of comfortable shoes for work.

That’s about all for now I guess. Still got time to add more wishes should I think of them today…. cos birthday wish is meant to be wished for on my birthday ya? Which is tomorrow! hahaha…

3 Replies to “Birthday Wishes”

  1. Hi Dear

    Just remembered it’s your bdae tmr. As customary practice, will FT “ang pow” to your bank a/c. Pls confm any change in a/c nbr??

    Many happy returns on your special day. Hope all your dreams come true. Be happy, ya!


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