… first for me, first for the car, first for 2007… and hope it’ll be the last for all.

Abang heard something coming from the back while driving and stopped to check. To our horror, a huge screw got injected into the back right tyre! If we pulled it out, the tyre’s sure to burst, if we pushed it in (if we could), the tyre will sure be gonez.

… and a closer look…

Abang wanted to change it with the spare, but after considering the process, he decided to leave it and drive super carefully. The drive home was an imaginative one too…  the sound of the screw in the tyre sounded like… a running horse… a tap-dancing car… a choo-choo train (with sound effect from abang)… and whatever our mind could think of.

So afraid that the screw will come off and tyre burst, we drove home with our radio off and windows down. Making sure that the sound is there so that we know the screw is still intact.