This year we had our family reunion dinner a week in advance as some of us couldn’t make it on the eve or the day before. Instead of home-cook food, which i miss so so much, we had our dinner at Park Royal Hotel at Beach Road in their famous Si Chuan Dou Hua Restuarant.

It was a spread of 60 varieties of dishes for us to choose from. We had so so so much prawns that I’m feeling itchy all over now! (kidding lah!) It was good food, great company and get-together. Had lots of good laugh too! I’m sure everyone had a great time tonight.

But still… i wish it was at grandma’s house… cos first, i really really miss grandma’s cooking and secondly… we couldn’t have our annual “In-between” and “Blackjack” sessions after our dinner! hahaha!!

Here’s some photos take tonight…

Can’t wait for CNY! 1 more week!! And I’m going to collect as many ang baos as i can this year!! hahahaha… *winks*