It was the first for us…

We went out today taking public transport! After more than three years together, its the first time we did this! And I hope we’ll get to do it again! We didn’t have to worry about parking or traffic jams. And I think we made the right decision to go public today.

We met at my station and took NEL to Douby Ghaut. Had our lunch at Subway and headed to Suntec on bus 36 (if I didn’t remember wrongly). Although Suntec was nearby, but due to the massive jam (due to PC show, which I will talk about later) the journey was longer than usual. With our shopping list in hand and credit cards in our wallet, we charged up to the PC Show on level 6, which also seem so far to reach there. The management redirected the escalators so that jams is minimise and the crowd was already at peak an hour after the show start! (See how crazy everyone is!)

Finally got ourselves up to the 6th floor and upon stepping into the exhibition hall, we were practically “pushed” through the crowd… move with the flow we call it. There’s nothing much you can see as people were everywhere. (and papers were everywhere over the floor too… inconsiderate ppl…) We spent about two hours flowing or floating or pushing around in the crowd and exited with nothing but papers in our hands. NOTHING! We were so disappointed. We didn’t see (or didn’t get to see) the things we wanted to get and the promos going on wasn’t attractive at all. Well, I was tempted to sign-up for the mio plan since my cable has expired, but later decided not to as the speed is slower and I believe sh will come up with much better promo soon.

Conclusion for this PC Show… disappointing, angry and over-rated. Waiting for Comex now… *lol*

After the show, we went down to Level 1 and saw the newly renovated makan place… and we were wow-ing about the decor and set-up. Food Republic has opened another branch at Suntec. The last time we were there, they were still renovating it. This branch has a setting of an old victorian library. Quite cool. But it was crowded, we didn’t get any food there. Looking at the massive crowd at Suntec, we decided to head down to Bugis to check out Mu boutique. Which again was disappointing. Their 50% sale collection wasn’t fantastic, and their new arrivals were not attractive too. Since their promo for members + hdbc card holders is till end of June, hope they’ll have better collection coming in soon. I need new clothes!

After bugis, we headed down to Sim Lim where we spent 3 hours haunting for my hdd and enclosure. Both of us were so tired and hungry, I just picked up whatever that came to me in the last 30mins, paid for it and left. Damaged done… $123 for 120GB seagate hdd + $50 NexStar USB2.0/firewire enclosure. And guess what! It’s acting weird now when I try to use it! ARGGGHHHHH!!! What happened? Will seek help from the expert at work tomorrow.

Whole day out on public transport and foot was fun and tiring. Abang crashed when we reached my neighbourhood and decided to take a cab home instead. 9 hours of almost non-stop walking is really no joke, especially with the back (spain) that I have now. Whole body is numb and have zero-energy level. And due to the time spent on a project over the past few days, I’m burnt out… almost totally burnt. Need to find chance to recharge!

Its very very late now. Got to start charing my battery now… crawling into my bed now… nitezZzzzz….