Hey you! I’m Fat & Ugly!

I need a makeover! If only Extreme Makeover or The Swan is in Singapore too. Than I can try to get myself on it. Cos I am fat and ugly! Due to my back problem, I can’t exercise, or maybe I don’t know what exercises I can do so that it will not hurt my back more. And also I’m too lazy to exercise lah.

I really hope to get some kind of transformation for my new life. Not plastic surgery kind of transformation, just silming, facial, remove the ugly sight of some parts of my body and the markings left behind by don’t know what kind of insects or falls…

If I had won today’s 3mil Toto, I would have gone for my own extreme makeover with a famous beauty center… but sad to say, I didn’t. So…

… if you own a slimming center, or a spa, or a gym or any business that helps transform an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, I am THE ONE you are looking for!!

I am going to take up any offer from any of you out there if you promise you can help me to become pretty. (Cos I want to be famous!) However there are conditions before I accept your offer. Conditions as follows…

  • It has to be 100% F.O.C. (i.e. Free of charge)
  • It has to be a Singapore registered business with physical lab/salon/centers
  • to be continued when I think of more conditions

And in return for the above, I will…

  • review your service on your blog/site and mine
  • be your model for commercial/ ads for free
  • to be continued when I think of more

If you are laughing your heads off now, please stop. Cause I’m serious. Yes. Very serious. Cos I want to be famous!

Drop me an email at i12bfamous@limedsign.com with your proposal and company website/blog. I will get back to you if you’re shortlisted.


This is how fat and ugly I am…

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