It was quite an experience at my first blog community event. It wasn’t quite what I’d expected but well, still overall job well done for their first time. Credits to the team at For those who’re interested to find out what happened at Geek Terminal today, you can check out the livestreaming video here. The most interesting part of the 176min long video would be from 58 to 64 min. Really! No time to finish the whole video, just watch from 58 to 64 min. That’s the part I like best! Wahahaha!! The video by him is just… hilarious!

I’m pretty sure everyone, almost everyone, who were there would be blogging about the party and how much they’ve enjoyed themselves and all… I’m not saying that I didn’t, but I thought it could have been better lah… and one thing that I totally agree with what he said was that bloggers are better off online than IRL. The crowd was pretty dead throughout the presentation and the presenters and emcees… well, as per my title… Could have been better loh.

Things that I regretted not doing…

  • bringing my macbook to the party
  • trying to start conversation with some of the people
  • stay at home to continue packing my room

Things that I thought could have been done better at the party…

  • to do without the seats…
    cos once people are seated at an event, no conversation would have been started.
  • at least some script or notes or something for the emcee
    instead of them trying to pluck ideas out from thin air… and trying to bring up blog posts by some of the bloggers… not everyone present would have read those post… and it is quite ermm… “Dudz…” to these people ya?
  • if there’s nothing to say, just present the award… trying to enjoy the first few presentations but after awhile, i’m tired. (guess i’m not the only one who feels that way right?)
  • less category of awards… too many of the same kind and ended up the same winner for these awards… ermm… another… “dudz…”

nuff said about the party… just voicing my thoughts and you may agree or disagree with me… but well, isn’t this what blog is for?


Forgot to write…

Congrats to all the award winners! And I’m still looking forward to the next and will be better event by!