It was one of those nights where many thoughts and ideas came to mind when I try hard to fall asleep. This very question came to me among the many (hope I can still remember them later when I’m more awake) I had last night. It’s scarey to think about these things but these things do happen. “One day you’re having a blast of your life, and the next thing you know, you’re in heaven looking at the people you love from above.” Don’t think you’ll be able to get wifi access from above and surely not be able to update your blog or twitter to let people on earth knows that you’re gone and will never be able to continue updating your blog.

So who’s going to know if one day I’m gone? Will people who reads my blog often know that I’m already dead? (Seriously, I doubt so)

Couple of thought provoking (to me) thoughts followed this question…

  1. What will happen to my domain when I no longer exist in this world? Especially if this one day comes suddenly, cos I’ll not be able to tell my love one to continue renewing my domain subscription when I’m gone.
  2. Thus, no one’s going to renew my domain when I’m gone. Which also means all my thoughts which I’ve pen down here at will be gone forever! (Maybe if my blog was hosted on blogspot or wordpress, my blog will still be around longer, but again, will they auto delete my entire blog if there’s not updates for a long time?)
  3. Then what’s the point of blogging and recording my life. photos. stories. here when no one’s ever going to be able to read it when I’m gone? Wouldn’t it be better if I’ve kept all these thoughts in a physical journal so that even when I’m gone, my family and friends will still have my journal to keep as memory? Or discover things that they thought they knew but actually they don’t? (Ya… those deep dark secrets that I’ve been keeping to myself… wahahaha)
  4. For the thought above, so am I going to have to print out all my hundreds or maybe even thousands posts from here to paper in order for it to last till the next generation so they can read about my life in the past (now)? Then when do I start to print them out? NOW? Cause I never know when that one-day-when-i’m-gone is going to take place.
  5. Then I started to rethink my reasons for blogging – is it to record my life so that people now, in the present day, can read and laugh, cry or comment on? Or is it to record my life so that people in the future can have a journal of what I’ve done in my life? If its the latter, then it brings me back to point no. 3.

So what am I going to do now after these thoughts came to mind? I’ve decided to go get that green journal which I saw and wanted to buy for the longest time but I didn’t cause its kinda expensive. And am going to start recording my ideas, things that I need to do and thoughts that I deemed important in this green journal. So if this one day if I’m gone should happen sooner than I planned, those I love will know what are my unfinished business, unfullfilled wish and memories of my thoughts.

Now, that you’ve read this post, are you going to start thinking about these provoking thoughts too? Share it on your blog and put a link back. So that if this one day comes, maybe someone will know…