**Warning! Image intensive post!**

Date: 14 July 2007, Saturday

The Parade
It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. The new location has given it lots more possibilities and this year, being the first year at Marina Bay, I shall give them room for improvements. IMO, the new additions made possible by the floating platform and location were great. It made the whole parade more exciting and the displays coming from the sky, the water and around us made us feel more involved in it in a way. However, the performance and display on the main stage was just so-so. The color of the main stage mades the colors on the performers looks blended in. And the lightings was not complementing the display. It made the whole thing rather messy. Stage was very big, but the performers were quite scattered and at many instances, the stage seems empty. Hopefully they improved on the lightings and put in more effects for the future shows.

The most exciting and high part of the parade, and the only part that I was looking forward to is the fireworks. However, instead of sitting back and enjoying it, I was busy pressing the shutter on my D40 with my right hand and recording the display on my Fuji camera on video mode with my left hand! And of course, with such an act, nothing was taken properly. But if given a second chance, I hope, I would just concentrate on the firework display.

The Stage and The View
I was sitting in the center of the green zone and boy were we lucky to get that part. The construction of the stage made it quite impossible for those sitting at the extreme green and blue zone to see the display. And those sitting nearer to the stage would also probably not be able to see much of the display on the main stage, but they got a closer look at the march pass and display of military vehicles etc. The best seats, of course the red zone, aka the VIP zone. And those above them.

The Make-able Shots from my D40
Took 300 over shots of photos today, and throughtout the entire session, I was chanting… “Go away!” “Sit down!” “Go away!” “Don’t block my camera!”…. ermm… think you should get what I’m trying to say… so I’m quite happy that I got these… all photos straight out from my camera, too lazy to enhance or crop them… nice or not?

Waiting for Pre-parade to begin…

Start of the parade…

Parade hosts being transported in Fiat

Can you see what they formed? >> NDP07

Hey! Why my flag like that one?

Fly pass… and singing “Majula Singapura…”

So close! The ehh… forget what combat liao…

I tried to take shots of the lightings… but I think I failed…

And my super failure shots of the fireworks…