Hi everyone!

The submission for Swap #1 is officially over!

Thanks for taking part in my first swap! This is so exciting! And what a great number to get this Swap Cycle going! We’ve a total of 8 participants (including myself) for Swap #1! Lucky number 8! Hope this number will grow for the next swap!

If you’ve sent me your details for the swap, check your mailbox and see who’s the person you’re swapping with!

So ladies, do keep to the dateline ya. We don’t want our swap partner to wait too long for their swaps.

And don’t forget to post and rave about it on your blog! I’ll put up the links to all the blog post here too once I’ve finished compiling them.

Looking forward to all the pretty photos of the pretty things that everyone’s going to be sending and receiving!

Let’s get started with the swap items now! You’ve got 11 days to prepare and send it out! Act now! Hahaha!

For those who’ve missed this one, look out for the next one which I’ll post by 10 Aug 2007! Looking forward to seeing more participants for the swaps! :)