Went to have dinner at this bistro this evening. Sadly, we went home w/o any food… just liquid…

Here’s the story why….
We placed our order with the waitress – lobster bisque, prawn salad and bread pudding for dessert. (The bread pudding was our reason for being there cause we like it.)

After checking with the kitchen, the waitress came back to inform us that the pudding was sold out. Disappointed, but we decided to stay for the soup and the salad.

Our table, no. 13, was next to the kitchen and we could see every order that came out. There were a couple of orders before us (all main courses) so it took quite a while for our simple soup to arrive. (45 mins to be exact. cos we were in a rush so I was eyeing my watch the entire wait.)

We drank our soup and thought our salad will come soon… however, after 10 mins, we still didn’t see anything served. Then the waitress came to us and asked if we can change our order for the salad cause the kitchen ran out of prawns!!! WHAT?!?!?! After so long than they realised they’ve ran out of prawns??? We were very upset. We told her to cancel our order. When I asked for a pen from the waitress to fill up the customers feedback form, than the manager started to panic. He checked with the kitchen, and they started searching for prawns around the kitchen!

Well, it’s either the kitchen staff were lazy or they didn’t bother to check, cos the manager came back while I’m already 2/3 through writing my feedback on the customer’s feedback form, saying that they can serve the prawn salad if we still want it as they’ve found prawns in their kitchen store!!!

Funny isn’t it? Only when customer takes action than they’ll try to find ways to resolve it. (I wonder if he would have done so if I hadn’t started filling up the form… hmmm…)

Btw, if you’re wondering which bistro I’m referring to, its the only one at Compasspoint. Got it?

(Above review also posted here.)

PS: If you’re wondering what happened to the feedback form I wrote, well, I thought if I’d given the manager the form, it would probably end up in pieces, so, what better way to get my thoughts and truth feedback across? See! You get to read it too! :)