As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve not been in the clubbing scene for about 4 years, from what I remember back than, clubbing to me was a form of de-stressing by dancing and drinking. Clubs had been pretty strict with the dress code for ladies, e.g. no flip flops, no bermudas etc. For me and my friends, we usually don’t care what other people think about us while we club cause we just want to be comfortable and enjoy the night, so we dress in our most comfortable tshirts and jeans and a comfortable pair of shoes. We will sweat it out on the dance floor shaking, jumping and swinging and of course dancing. That was the kind of clubbing I know from 4 years back. But now… things seem to have changed.

It was quite an interesting outing last night at the club we went. We were early, so we set outside to chill and have our first drink for the night. As our table was just next to the entrance to the club, we get to see everyone that enters it. Before I head down to Clarke Quay, I was quite concerned as I was wearing my Papillio sandles. I was afraid that I will not be allowed to enter due to improper footwear. But the sight of what the other ladies (mostly girls) were wearing and entering the club, I was rather stunned. So now going clubbing is like going to a party at Siloso Beach? Flip flops, shorts and singlet! And not just one or two I saw wearing like that. It was almost 5 out of 6 who entered the club dressed like that! That makes my group seemed overdressed. So now we know. Beach wear is the thing to club in now!

Upon entering the club for the first time after 4 years, the rhythm of the 80s music brought back so much memories back in the poly days… my leg and body started to move and the urge of dancing was there. However, as usual, there were zero people in there dancing. So I thought people were warming up and just chilling first. After 2 drinks, I was ready to dance… the songs were my favourites! So I stood up and starting moving to the music… however… no one was dancing still!

And based on my observation, clubbing now means…

  1. sit-and-act-pretty
  2. taking lots of photos with friends
    there was this group of girls sitting right in the center of the dance floor, the entire time they were there, all they did was snap snap snap! And when they had enough of photos, they exited the club! (What?!?!)
  3. take out your latest macbook pro and sit right in the center of the dance floor and try to sniff for wireless connection
    we totally didn’t understand what the 2 guys were doing! They paid for the entrance and instead of doing what they were supposed to do, they took out the mbp! Of course, they were chased out by the bouncers.

After an hour or so in the club, the mood to dance and enjoy myself died. Maybe I was at the wrong club. Maybe I was there at the wrong time. But well, its only my first after 4 years. So maybe it will not be like that the next time I enter a club.