Hi there!

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have won yourself 2 tickets to Nuffnang Singapore’s first community event, an exclusive screening of Rush Hour 3 on 9 August 2007, National Day. This will be held at GV Vivocity.

This is soooo exciting!! And its sooo going to be fun! Thanks Nuffnang for the chance to be part of the first ever Nuffnang event on 9 Aug at Vivocity!

Now here’s the catch (for me)… I’ll be at KRUNK II at Sentosa from noon 8 Aug to morning of 9 Aug and then 1230 I’ve to be at Vivocity for this! Hmmm… tricky yeah?

My options:

  1. Bring bed n pillow to Krunk II and sleep the night away and go straight to the event.
  2. Sleep through Thur, Fri and wake up Sat morning. Stay up for 48 hours on 8 to 9 Aug. Hmmm…
    Argh! I forgot! Now this option is abit impossible… I’ll blog why later after I get hold of a card reader.
  3. Don’t care just whack all the way.
  4. Quickly pack up at 7am on 9th, rushed home for quick shower n nap, rushed back to Vivocity by 1230.
  5. Book a room at Sentosa and rotate among my helpers to take turn looking after the booth so that I can be fresh for the event.
  6. Look damn chui at the event, with smelly clothes and messy hair. Due to the lack of rest.

Ahhh!!! Help!! Hmm… I can’t miss either of the events! So I’ve to do some planning quickly!