I went to check the latest pings at ping.sg. And click on some interesting posts on the mainpage…

And I ended up at Jzin and I saw this quiz. So I clicked and took it. Here’s my result…

The Deserving Shopper

Shopping, for you, is best when you have just accomplished something that makes you feel marvelous about yourself. You hit the stores when feel like you should be rewarded — maybe you just lost some weight or finished up a difficult project. Whatever it is, you express the importance and joy of that accomplishment through splurging on yourself. And why not? You deserve it.

And then I saw another one, which I also took and got this…

You’re Sexy and Sweet!

Your charming personality and sensual spirit sometimes keep you on the G-rated side of life. You prefer to be subtle with your sex appeal and prefer to play up your femininity instead of sexuality. You’re confident though not arrogant and stay amused with life’s littlest pleasures. People see you as the sparkle of life.
Shop Guerlain Makeup and Fragrances:
Saks Fifth Avenue
Neiman Marcus
Bergdorf Goodman

Hmm… how true are they? You decide and tell me what you think! HA!

(something wrong with the codes from the quiz site… but I’m too tired and lazy to do anything to make it look better… so i’m just going to let it be….)