How do you rate the service standards in Singapore? Will you compliment them when they’re good? Or are Singaporeans only complain queens and kings?

What is Service Quality? According to ISO9004, quality service is…

  • Ensures that customer needs are met.
  • Receives regular feedback from customers.
  • Respects customer perceptions and opinions.
  • Manages social interactions and relationships.
  • Considers the human aspects of service delivery.
  • Pays attention to cultural values and perceptions.
  • Improves service performance and productivity

Ever since I learn about everywhere I go to, everything I eat, I’ll take note of the service I get from them and the quality of the food. I’ll post reviews on them if there’s good things to say. And if there’s anything that upsets me, well, they’ll probably get a bad rating from me. At times I tell myself, “Haa! You better treat me nice else you’ll get a bad rating from me on yebber! Wahahaha!!!” Ya, I’m kinda crazy to be talking to myself, but that’s what I do!

So if you’re working at a resturant or cafe or any service provider, do check out to see if there’s anything good or bad about your business! If its good, congrats! You’re doing well. If there’s bad comments, well, its time you do something about it.

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