1) Tickle me!
LOL at the fairy on the poster? Come and see more of these that tickle your haha-guts! A first ever funny exhibition!
Organised by Chunyi and Ann Gee.
Exhibition details: 4 & 5 Aug, 11 am – 7 pm.

2) こんにちは hello!

こんにちは which means hello in Japanese, brings together Japanese boys and girls from all over the world.
Emiko, who never grows taller than 4 ft, Mizuki, who eats lollies and walks around barefooted all day long! And even the very quiet but always smiling Yuki, who loves drawing nothing but cars and buses…Mari,Kaito, Lilly, and so much more!
Come and see these friend created by Dawn Tan.
Exhibition details: 4 & 5 Aug, 11 am – 7 pm.

3) Portrait Day! Organized by the OIC
(Organization of Illustrators Council).
Back with popular demand! The OIC are excited to host one more round with us!
How it works: Just sit and pose for 10 minutes, while a group of artists and illustrators draw you out in their individuals styles and techniques.
Pick your favorite piece to keep at $8 per pop. Best to grab all for this only best deal on the island!
Live Portrait details: It’s on happening 1 day! 4th Aug(Saturday), 2pm – 7pm.

4) gone even maader! artery Bar-B-Q!
On top of regular deal offer by artery bar only during MAAD, the specially concocted Sangria (wine, fruits and secretive ingredients), plus beer going at $6 per bot.
artery gone even maader with ice cold beer and sizzling BBQ food at $10 per head! Hurry! RSVP to jess@artery.sg now!
Details: 4th Aug(Saturday), 12pm – 7pm.

MAAD’s live music by The Afternoon Tea Dance Party. Tell him you love his song list at the DJ booth!

LiMEds|gn will be there too! (That’s me!!) So come on down to MAAD this weekend for lots of cool gift ideas/ purchases and so much food and fun!