Tried and tested it. And am strongly recommending it!
After 25 years of avoiding covered working shoes, highheels shoes, cockshoes or whatever name you want to call it, I’m happy to say I’ve finally found my solution of overcoming the ugly and painful blisters when wearing such shoes! Foot Glide, made in Canada, is my best shoe mate now! Apply it before slipping on the shoes (or hosiery/socks) and you’re guaranteed a blister-free day out in your favorite pair of shoes!I bought a new pair of heals for my new job yesterday and I wanted to “season” it before Monday, so i wore it out today. Applied Foot Glide on those area where blisters always appear before I slipped the new shoes on. After an entire day out, with serious walking and shopping, I’m happy that I not only survived wearing the new pair of shoes, I’m also 100% blister-free!

Now, I’m never going to leave home without applying Foot Glide first.

You should be able to find Foot Glide at major shopping centers. I found mine from Metro Paragon. Cost about $7.80 I think (or was it $14.80…). Whatever the price, it’s definetly alot cheaper than dumping away those expensive heels or shoes that gave you blisters!