I feel like shit now. Really am. For the entire week I’ve been so excited about my first weekend of my office-work-life. But now that its here, I feel that it shouldn’t have came. In the past, due to the hectic workload in schools and the shorter official working hours in the weekday, weekend just seems like another day to me. Other than the once/twice a week where I get to meet our little girl. Than after I left teaching, I entered the world of retail, where weekend again seems like any other day and at some I’m back at work. So when I finally found a true 5-day-work job, I was very excited. I see myself going out with friends after work on Friday night, meeting up and catching up long time no see friends and what not… but this being the very first “official” weekend of my life, the excitement died… so what really happened? And why am I upset? And what I hope to do during these weekends that’s to come?

Well, mid-week I started chatting with my poly girlfriends. PK and me suggested going to Pitstop for games Sat night. But the two Ss already had plans. So we then suggested Sunday to come over to my place for games and catch up. And again, the two Ss have plans. Plan for fun A… failed.

Then I over dinner just now, I thought maybe my cousins would be interested for games, SMSed them over dinner just now, and immediately a grin on my face changed into frown. One has plan and the other has got visitors visiting tomorrow. And again, plan for fun B… failed.

Before I head home, I asked da if there’s plan for the weekend. After a long period of silence, he listed the things that he had to do… so again, plan for fun C… failed.

Why am I such a failure when come to finding company? I just missed the fun of going out in a big group. In the past 4 to 5 years, the number of time I remembered going out in group of more than 3 can be counted with just 1 hand. (maybe 1.5 hands) I really miss those days where my friends and I go out in huge groups, chatting and laughing and having lots of fun together. Now whenever I see the working adults hanging out in groups after work, overhearing them discussing about what they should do over the weekend together and all, I feel like my social circle is too small. Am I that insociable? Or is everyone just too busy with work and their love life?

So what’s an ideal weekend for me? I have a list of things/activities that I would like to do…

  1. Play boardgames with more than 4 people.(Any number lesser than that will not be fun.)
  2. Try out the different eating places/ resturants/ cafes listed on Yebber and take photos of the food and people with me. (This will probably have to wait till I earn more $$ first. Unless its complimentary… hmm…)
  3. Go for a photoshoot with my D40 with fellow photogs. (It’s been awhile since I met up with them.)
  4. Go for a picnic/bbq with friends and play card games and laugh and have fun.
  5. Go club to dance.
  6. Go club to chill out and drink wine.
  7. Attend a party at someone’s house.
  8. Go cycling at ECP.
  9. Scrap at home. (maybe I should pick-up this hobby again. kinda miss scrapping.)
  10. Watch DVDs with friends with snacks and chit chat
  11. Invite friends over to my place for MJ and steamboat. (Siew!)

Now that I’ve got the activities listed, now… where can I find friends to join me?

Sigh… …