Why some are so rude?

It’s sad to see the younger generation (I’m not that old lah! But as long as they’re younger than me, imo is considered as the younger generation!) these days… can’t they be nicer and show some respect and care to the things they see or touch? I remember seeing signs at this shop within Braddell Station many years ago… “See no touch!”, “See and touch pay money!” and “Don’t buy don’t touch!”. Ya… its kinda chasing away their customers but hey! Come to think of it, its pretty true. If you’re not interested in the product at first sight, than don’t touch it. Just continue to walk. But these younger generations now have their way of abusing other’s things and products that are meant to be for sale!

It hurts to see my handmade products being trashed and thrown as if it was a junk by these rude younger generations! Although it may not cause any damage but its just painful loh. And if they really want to dump it down on the table, at least dump back to where they picked it up from and not anywhere above the other products! It’s not a clearance sale ok!

I hope there wouldn’t be any more of such people around…

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  1. hmmm …. i know how you feel..
    dumping your babies on a table like these …
    should make use of their dumping habits and set up a game for your booth

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