I’m glad that I’ve finally found the time to go watch this movie with mum. Have been wondering what made this film so popular and well received. Aunties and Uncles all gave it full thumbs up. Let me share my two cents worth on the infamous 881

Before the show started, the sight of the movie posters, standees and promotional display makes me eek. The first impression I had was “What the **** is this man? Another one to waste money on?? Not my kind of show…” and now, I am so guilty for even having these thoughts! 881 is one show that 100% Singaporeans cannot missed! Especially if you’re born in the 60s and before. I watched this show today with Mum at AMK Hub. Although after showing in the cinema for more than 2 weeks now, its still full house for all the shows. Seated in the cinema, I can see families, from the young to the really old, walking in. There were couple of old granny whom I guess were more than 80 years old! I truely admire their family and the granny. Even though they have problem walking, they still went to the cinema, climbed slowly up and down the stairs in the cinema just to catch the show!

Brillant use of colors, costumes, songs and dance! The show gives the younger generations, like myself, a chance to see the true beauty of getai. 881 has getai at their best! The elaborated costumes and hair do, to the fight behind the scenes between the getai singers and managers. All these we’ll never get to see at the present days. The way Royston Tan directed the movie brings back memory of the olden days movie. According to my mum, during her time, the movies were like this too. Every 2 sentences said, the actors and actresses would start singing and their songs filled with meanings. My eyes were teary almost everytime they started singing their feelings and emotions. 881 was such an emotional ride for me. One second I was laughing at the funny hokkien, the next second I was all teary and mushy by the emotions… by the end of the movie, I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh!

The only thing that disgusted me was the Ang Mao Tan Ang Mo Liu Lian. I’ve nothing against the sisters, but their chinese really cannot make it loh! And I think they’re better off modelling or hosting. Acting… not quite there yet. On the other hand, the actress as 881 deserve lots of credits.

This is a 100% MUST watch movie! Go catch it before it ends… am waiting for the DVD to be release now. 100% going to buy and keep. So that our future generations will get to watch it too!