My grandma has been unwell for awhile. Its so sad to see her suffer. But these are what one gets with old age. She can’t see clearly with her left eye since long ago. Went to TTSH and was told that she has to do some minor op, but that didn’t help. She tried the chinese physcian, it helped for awhile, but got bad again. And now she returns to TTSH and was told that she needed to take 3 jabs on her left eye. There’ll be side effect from these jabs. And its not guaranteed that it’ll improve after the jabs. But left with no other options, she agreed to it and will be taking the first jab on 10 Oct.

I hope the side effects wouldn’t come to her. She’s already suffering great pain, and I don’t want to see her suffer even more after the jap. Hope she’ll recover.

I’m guilty of not being able to spend time with her. I grew up under her care, and had to return home with my parents when I was 11 years old. I still get to see her weekly when I was still schooling in primary and secondary school. And ever since I started working,  I only get to see her at family gatherings and special occasions. I want to see her more often. I want to be able to spend time with her at home and talk to her. I tried, but I failed. I hope she’ll know that I still love her and care very much about her.

Hope everything will be fine with her. And hope she recovers soon.