Don’t know if its the kind of fate that I’m given, or its just so coincidental that these things happened. For those who’ve been asking what I’m doing now, well, read on… and you’ll know…

One year ago in June, i attended a crop session at the small shop next to the toilet at Plaza Singapura. After a whole night of challenges and non-stop laughing and cropping, I was titled the Survivor for the night…

Extracted from their Sep07 Loveletter
And a couple of weeks after, I found myself conducting workshops at their place. At that time, scrapbooking was quite hot in the press too. And soon, few months later, we moved to a bigger unit. I am very happy that I’d the opportunity to see them grow and grew together with them. The period together at MWL was lots of fun and I miss everyone there. It was like a big family with 3 lovely mummies. But because of the injury I had, which was probably due to the wrong posture at work, I had to stop my job at MWL.

More than a year later, after winning the $100 MWL vouchers from Suvivor, I won another $100 for writing reviews at Yebber. Remember this? … ….

Happy winner of the bi-weekly $100 giveaway
And thanks to my seconday schoolmate, I was asked to go for an interview at their office a few weeks after winning the $100! I couldn’t believe my luck! Both time I won something from somewhere, I was given the opportunity to be part of them! How cool is that!

So the next time you win something, don’t just forget about it, cos you’ll never know when an opportunity will come knocking on your door!