After reading Bobo‘s site for awhile now, Claud thinks she’s kinda got the Bobo virus. Yap, you see it, you read it, Claud’s talking in the 3rd person too! This is kinda fun to Claud. Claud remembers doing this before when she’s in school. But never really tried it when she blogs. So now this entry kinda fits this so Claud’s going to give it a try…

Through the years of Claud’s journey in the WWW, she had came across many, but not all, websites and online communities. And the recent craze of Facebooking just added to her community list. Everyday she sees herself ctrl+T-ing so many times just to make sure she checks all the places that she had left her mark in.

Claud remembers her first experience of the internet when she was in secondary school. She spent hours daily at a Cybercafe near Toa Payoh Center (now the bus interchange) chatting in Alamak chatrooms. Where she was known by lots of different nicks – ahBlue and fatann, just to name a few. Claud later discovered mIRC which was uber cool to be spotted in. She even had her own channels and was made operator by the famous Mr Q (with the +) in couple of her regular chatrooms. Her days in mIRC went on for many years, all the way till she was in her early twenties. During those time, Claud was also on ICQ. The cute and gets kinda irritating “Uh-oh” sound was heard day in and out from her PC speaker. Thanks to a friend of hers who introduced her to MSN where she finally got rid of the “Uh-oh” sound.

All these seemed to be history in her journey now, except for MSN, which she uses at her office and uses Adium (for mac) at home. Claud nows find herself in even more places! With all the big talks and blogging about the Web2.0, which she first read about through his blog and later continued discovering about Identity2.0. These are also the reasons why she has so much about herself on the net. Search for Claudia and boom you get almost every details you need to know about her. She wants to be a real human being, rather than just someone who’s blogging and hanging around in these online communities. She wants her long-lost friends to be able to find her one day. (Ok, Claud thinks she’s getting a little off-topic…)

So her journey continues and recently got pretty intensive. Just to name the few commonly used or visited ones by Claud…

For the blogging community, other than the one you’re reading now, she’s also in blogspot and multiply.

However, due to the limit of her time and writing, is the only place you’ll be able to find updates.

As everyone who reads her blog should know, Claud loveeees to take photos. Either of herself or of anything that her viewfinder can capture. So in order to share all these photos with friends, she signed-up with multiple photo hosting sites. But when she found flickr when they were still in beta, she knew her search has stopped. She bought herself a Pro account when they first offered to the beta users, and has been renewing her subscription ever since.

If you’ve just ponged Claud, the next which she’s going to cover is no alien to you. Yes! It’s the community.

Thanks to Mr Uzyn, bloggers has got a channel where they can ping their RSS feed to and hopefully gets many pongs from When Claud just joined the community, there wasn’t that many people yet. But suddenly one day, got super popular and many bloggers started ping-ing their blogs. This got Claud a little upset as she finds it hard to read her regular blogs and find new and interesting ones to read. So Claud had to bookmark all the blogs she reads in her Firefox toolbar and click on some of them each day to check if there was any update. And those whom she reads very often were linked on her blog, so that she can read it anywhere when she’s online.

Apart from the above sites, Claud also started twittering and pownceing.

But due to the many sites she’s also on, these just seemed to have died down for her. But she still do twitter once in a bluemoon.

Next up are the infamous social networking communities. She started off with friendster which she thought, at that time, was super fun as she got to find many friends whom she’d lost contact with over the years.

Than later, she received so many other invitation to join so many other of such networks! There were Myspace, wholivesnearyou and what not. She didn’t see the reason why she should join that many places, when everywhere has got the same group of people. Until she discovered Facebook.

Which now, she’s totally addicted to it. Especially the playing of scrablous with her friends, and the searching of cool events which she could attend or share with her contacts.

Then recently, at PopOut, she discovered a new site, Quaffs, where you get to earn Q$ for adding friends and all… it sounded almost like a MLM thing, but she still went ahead to register herself.

But due to the fast evolving of facebook, she loses interest in Quaffs, even with it being a new novelty for exchanging of your object of desire when you’ve got enough Q$. Claud finds it almost impossible to make use of these Q$ cos of many reasons. First you’ll need to have thousands of friends in order to at least earn a decent Q$ from their activities, and every month, in order to claim your Q$ in your Qbank, you’ll need to make a purchase through Quaffs! How clever of them!

If Claud is looking for a place to earn some quick bucks, she’ll simply just post reviews or add businesses in Yebber! She can earn their Y$ faster and easier too. And the best part is she gets to exchange them for cash! (Yes! Real SGD cash!)

Claud got to know through her polymate. And ever since she won the $100 prize, she wants to be part of this new baby which is growing slowly but steadyly.

Above are just some of those communities Claud is in. There are so many more, which she at times lose track off. Are you also one of those who is like Claud? She’s sure many out there are. Why not blog about it and share with your readers too?

Claud has done it, so can you! (Do link it back to Claud ya, so that she can go read about it at your blog too.)

Ok… writing in the 3rd person is seriously no joke. Claud is tired and kinda mixed up now.