This is an overdue post. Only today then Claud managed to sit down to load all the photos from her camera.

A week before Hari Raya, Claud followed Abang and family to JB for their yearly visit for Hari Raya Shopping. It was the first time for Claud and boy was she tired after the trip. They started their journey at 4pm and reached the Woodlands Checkpoint around 4.30pm. The jam was moving slowly and they finally got into JB at 6.30pm. Visited 3 different places during the night and Claud didn’t expect to be stuck in jams at that hour. The people at JB, and with many from Singapore too, were still up at 3am in the morning! The jam back to Singapore was more than an hour. And Claud finally reached home close to 5.30am!! With the tireness from the trip, and also the blood rushing to the stomach cos of the 4 peices of Naan (shared with Abang), Claud totally KO till 1pm the next noon. And this also caused a super long hangover for the entire week.

Some shots taken during the trip to JB…

Claud saw some people holding this and decided to
give it a try. Claud found the drink and didn’t want to order
cause of the name. It kinda reminded her of another word which
she was told not to use by her mummy and teachers in school.


Claud likes the star lights hanging from the ceiling.
It reminded her of those she saw at MAAD.
Of cos these are of lower quality and design aren’t as pretty.


There were so many moutains of kueh on sale.
Claud had a finger-licking time walking around tasting them all.


These are so pretty! How can Claud miss taking shots of them!
(But they aren’t as tasty as they look.)


Before everyone head back to Singapore, they had their breakfast.
Claud felt a little eeky when she saw the place. It was dirty and along the road.


But this man totally whipped out the thought from Claud.


After one piece of his naan, Claud just had to have more!

They ended up having 4 pieces of his yummy roti naan.

It was freshly made and the texture was soft and spongy.

The dal that came with it was just heavenly.

Claud is ending off this post wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya!