One thing I love about Facebook is the listing of Events. And that’s how I found out about PopOut! held by The Digital Movement.

Attended the event with my colleagues from Yebber. And as shown on the list of RSVP on facebook, I met many familiar faces and friends there. Instead of commenting on the presenters, which many of the attendees have or will be blogging about. I’m going to show a sneak peek at the upcoming Firefox…

Just want to share what we saw from Gen Kanai‘s presentation. The 3 new features in upcoming in the new releases of Firefox. Here’s a clip I took…

If you can’t view the video, click here. You can read more about his presentation here. These new features are just too cool! Love it!

Other than this, the other one that got everyone clapping and cheering and wowing is BookJetty by Herryanta Siatona. Read about his presentation here.

And lastly the people I met/saw… DK, Nicole, SimplyJean, Uzyn, Micheal, NTT and Nanny from, Nick Pan and Dean (a long time no see classmate from Seconday). Many people were there too… know them through their blog and some met at other networking sessions.

Looking forward to the next event. It was nice meeting people and new people at such an event. I’m starting to enjoy and love my job.