It was my most equisite dinner by far. I had my first “Monthly-Kelvin’s-Foodie-Group” dinner with the gang at Sage, located at Robertson Walk. Kelvin had specially arranged for a special menu for tonight. At $80++ per pax for a 4-course dinner, with Scallops, Foie Gras, choice of main and Creme Brulee.

The Menu

There were ten of us… Kelvin, Jeremy, Adrian, Lionel, Jonathan, Christine, Petrina, Nic, Ailian and myself.

The rest of the post will be updated later at night. It’s time for bed.
Watch this space for updates and photos.

I’ve been to Robertson Walk many times, but this was my first at the second level. With so many pubs and resturants on the ground floor, one might not discover what’s hidden at the upper floor. Sage, The Resturant is the product of the determination of husband and wife team Jusman So and Kimberly Chew. With Jusman cooking up delicious creation and Kimberly’s warm service, Sage is warm and welcoming.

The place

Complimentary Appetizer

Didn’t taste it as it contains pork.
According to the rest, some said its sour and some said it tasted like otar.

Complimentary bread

The menu for the night…


Seared king scallops on a salad of homemade squid ink capellini,
marinated ocean trout and avruga cavier, braised scallop lips and leek & potato vichyssoise

The scallop was fresh and well-packed. Its different from the ordinary one where the meat splits up when you cut into it. The squid ink capellini was something that I would want to try again. Cavier was alittle too saltish for my liking. The leek and potato vichyssoise was very yummy. Everyone was asking for more bread so that they can clean off the very last drop of it from their plate.

Foie Gras

Pan-seared duck foie gras with pistachio crust and fig compote, Granny Smith apple puree
and a dressing of red grape mustard vinegar

My second time having foie gras. As compared to the one I ate at My Humble House anniversary cocktail dinner, this was so much better. In fact, this was heavenly (and super sinful too!). The pistachio crust makes the entire experience different. Crispy exterior with moist and soft interior. However, after the entire piece, I could feel the fats wrapped around my entire heart! Yes! It was that sinful!

Cod & Bouillabaisse

Effeuille of cod and grey prawns in a seafood bouillabaisse
with ratte potatoes and garden vegetables accompanied with rouille on toast

This was the best for the entire night! Cod was cooked to perfection. It melts immediately when it reaches your tongue. I could still remember the feeling and taste of the cod in my mouth as I typed this. The sauce complimented well with prawns and vegetables. The toast was again used to clear the plate. I would love to have this again, but sadly, its not on their menu. This was specially created just for our dinner that night.

Creme Brulee
Lavender creme brulee with blood orange sorbet on redcurrent jelly
and Navel orange meringue

Sweet sour sorbet with not-so-well-received-jelly. I had just half of the serving and gave up. I’m not a sour sorbet fan, so I sure not comment much. However, the Lavender creme brulee and Navel orange meringue was nice. Although a little too sweet, but I finished them both eventually. The meringue tasted like hard and crispy candyfloss. The creme brulee was a great ending for the night.

There were also two other main for us to choose from. There was the Lamb Loin – Australian grain fed lamb short loin with a cassoulet of summer beans scented with garlic, rosemary and lardons, crispy Parmigiano Reggiano and Roma tomato coulis. (None of us ordered the Lamb so no photo of this.) And there was the Beef Cheek – Caramelized Black Angus beef cheek topped with melted foie gras mousse and a fricassee of mushrooms, compote of butternut squash and white onions.

Overall the dinner was nice and quite an experience for me. However, due to the setting and the many new faces around, I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I hope to. The food was nice but not something which I would return for more, due to the price. (Total for 10 of us came up to $1022, incl. a bottle of New Zealand Red wine.)