For the past hour or so, I’ve been reading so many blogs talking about Nuffnang, the not-so-nice-things and the bads to suggestions to what they should do. I struggled, trying to weigh the pros and cons for me to write this post. One side of me want to believe that my stand at the beginning of my Nuffnang journey was right and I should carry on with my plans I had with them. But the ohter side of me is telling me to see the bigger picture now and study the situation carefully, as it might just affect the decision that I might be making.

When I first heard of Nuffnang, it was through the then famous blogger’s entry. (Not that she’s no longer famous lah…) I was impressed by the idea and was very excited to be part of it. To be honest, I even tried writing to Ming to see if there’s any chance for me to work at Nuffnang! But now, I started questioning myself… “Why did I think that highly of Nuffnang when I first heard about it?” Was it because I learned about it through her blog? Or because I see the potential of it? Or cos its a way for bloggers to earn some side-income? Or because I was dreaming too hard hoping to win a set of PSP for myself too? (Which of cos I didn’t, since I only have like pathetic 10 or so people reading my blog. Sadly all my friends I know from sch/work doesn’t blog.) Either way, looking at the kind of “media” coverage Ming is getting now, it’s hard not for me to rethink at the way I see Nuffnang. In fact, I’m considering removing the Ad on my blog and cancelling the appointment I’ll be having with Ming, which I had initially planned.

[Don’t know why, but this post is taking me forever to write. I started at 9.35pm but till now, 3 hours later, I have yet got my train of thought right. Guess I’m just too tired to do this now. I shall continue again tomorrow…]

The above was written last night and now I’m continuing this post… but its not going to be as long as I had planned to last night. In fact I’ve only got one line to add…


“Maybe the person concern should reflect more on itself.”

For those who’s not getting any ads yet, maybe one day, just one day, it’ll come. But don’t expect much from it. At second thought, these group of people might want to see how they can bring themselves up their ranking so that they’ll be able to get ads served on their blogs too.

With these said, I’m removing my Nuffnang Ad unit for good. (Although I’ve got almost $30 accumulated from the ads served on my blog.) Why? Read the one-liner above…

Will continue to keep adverlets for now.