My 2-liner of fame on Newpaper today! My first step to becoming famous? Nah! Just made me sound like a complain queen! HA! Well, there’s also no photo, no quote no nothing. Just a name. And there’s so many Claudia out there. Well, still… its from my blog lah. So does anyone reading this got the newpaper and a scanner now? I want to see what the article say leh. LOL! Got the paper. But no scanner to scan now. Will post it up when I can. Article covers 2 entire page. Not easy to scan too.

Here’s a photographed version of the article on TNP dated 15 November 2007.

Larger (non-highlighted) version here

Close up of the mini 2-liner of fame… LOL!

This is what I my friend told me over MSN…

k says: were u the one who was quoted in new paper abt tatarah?
Claudia says: har? did i?
Claudia says: wat paper?
k says: new paper
Claudia says: isit? why got claudia ah?
k says: the person name claudia complain abt tatarah lor
Claudia says: omg!!

And another friend said…

U says: not bad arh. got paper read your blog for articles

So even mainstream media comes to blog to find out things to report. Interesting.

Other bloggers who were also quoted includes Jussaemon, Knight and Postmeme.

Come to think of it, could the downtime be a gimmick? Hmm… Purposely go down, than bloggers will blog about it, and media will notice it, and they get free “publicity” in return. And take this opportunity to change the auction model? Well, since now its bidding at highest single bid model, guess many would have lose interest already. (Including me) Guess it’ll be better off working hard and saving for the things I want. :)