Last night was the worst night for me. And its just the beginning of my week long of sleepless night.

Firstly, I was sick. Popped down flu pill and tried to put myself to sleep. Not long after I finally fell asleep, I woke up. My mind was filled with things that I’d to do and prepare for Fashion Fusion this weekend. The list of to-dos seem to be endless! It just kept flooding my mind and prevented me from getting back to sleep.

After about 30mins of tossing and turning in bed, where I almost fell off the bed, I fell asleep. But not for long… more things started streaming into my mind. The mind was so filled up that I thought it was going to explode! My body was very tired, I needed the rest badly and I need to get more sleep. No matter how much I tried to relax, my mind just refused to rest. I can’t remember how long I was awake last night, but it felt like forever before I got some sleep.

Again woke up at 6am and this time round, really couldn’t get back to sleep. Sat on my bed for an hour to pull my thoughts from last night together. Feeling weak and giddy, I got out of bed to get a cold shower. Headed to work early and tried to post this entry up while I was on the bus. Don’t know why, but the stupid WP just refused to save my post. The above you’ve just read, is retyped at the office.

I’m sure last night was the first of my sleepless night. I get very tensed up whenever I’ve something major happening… after this weekend, I’m going to make sure I’ve got at least 6 hours of undisturbed sleep at night. I have to!