That’s my experience at my first LIVE basketball match thanks to Nic aka highway. The entire experience blew my mind, and I never knew I would enjoy a basketball match this much! We’re so loving it that we hope we’ll get to go watch it again! Pingsters all of you should give this a try! Seriously!

Being in the Box seats gave us a real close look at the players and the game. Although its my first time there, I feel so comfortable and free. I cheered and jeered as if I knew the Slingers real well! HA! But it sure was a great way to let go of all the stress and tension one has. I felt so high, after some wine (which was provided for us), and plus the entire mood and atmosphere, it free-ed my mind during the match. I want to do it again!!!

Some shots from tonight…

“Huh? Where’s the ball heading to?”

Slam it!

“Hey you! Stop being lazy! Get up!”

Spot something similar? Hmm…

The Mascot – Merlion with legs?

“Go Slingers!”

The Boobs

and the food!

Want some?

We’re sure looking forward to more Slingers action! Hope we’ll get a chance to do it again real soon!

Have to thanks Hilary aka Precious for playing host to us all. And nice meeting those who were at the game tonight… Sabrina, Andy, Edmund, Jason, Jean, QiaoYun and a few others.

Oh and ya, Slingers won tonight! *cheer!*