Popped by MWL’s blog and forum and my heart started to do a little flipflop. I missssss everyone and everything at MWL! It has been awhile since I went back. One thing cos I’m busy with work and another is cos I’m so afraid that I’ll start shopping for scrap supplies which I might never get to use it due to lack of time. This is bad cos it’ll hurt my already weak pockets. But I do so much want to return to my scrapping time.

I miss the fun cutting and tearing papers, pasting and adding bellies to my LO. I miss seeing pretty photos on pretty LOs. I miss meeting up friends at crops and the hugs and warm smiles at MWL. I miss my friends whom I’d met and grown pretty close with back in those days.

I hope one day, when my pocket is not that weak, when my time is more accommodating, and when I am able to, I’ll be able to return to my scrapbooking journey with MWL.

Elvi, Sandra, Ching, Kel, Jas and everyone else at MWL! I miss you!! (Really!)