Sorry Jean, I didn’t mean to copy you. Really!

As a lazy blogger, and a non-programmer, its tough for me to create my own theme for my blog. So I had to rely on those available online. Been searching for a suitable theme that’ll span across the entire screen, 3-column, simple and widget-ready. So far, the only one I find suitable is the one that Simply Jean is using! I was very reluctant to download it and upload it, but I really can’t find another one that’s similar!

Till the day I master the basic of designing my own theme, or find another theme that I like, I’ll change it. I promise.

Jean hope you wouldn’t mind we sharing the same theme.

P.S: Yes… I’m slowly coming back… hope to be back here before 2008. I’ve been suffering! Blog about it when I have the time to.

Oh! And please ignore the scrolling links on the left side, I’ve yet figured out how to configure those yet. Help anyone?