Will be away over the weekend, Fri-Sun. Leaving on the JET plane early tomorrow morning for HCMC. And since its that early in the morning, and to save on the raising cab fare, we’ve decided to hang around at the airport tonight (after I give mummy a hug since she’s returning from Taiwan late tonight.) Ya, sounds cheapskate saving the little cab fare but hey! It’ll be quite fun hanging around the airport for 4-5hours right? Sit there look at people or read a book. Free air-con somemore! Hahaha!

So I won’t be blogging this weekend. Will post many many photos (I hope) when I’m back. Don’t miss me ya!

Hope I won’t suffer from blog/yebber/ping/ facebook withdrawal syndrome! Wahahaha!

Will be twittering when I’m in HCMC (I’ll try). So putting my twitter here for now…

Claud Twittering