I am NEVER ever going to wear this dress on its own EVER again! I’ve got fat, ugly and disgusting looking legs! I don’t think I’m ever going to buy another dress again. If I do, that dress will have to fit nicely with a pants/jeans/bottom. NEVER on its own!

See! It’s so yucky! OMG!

I mosaic my face cos its ugly lah! Ya I know, I was never pretty lah.
But still… this if shown, it’ll be worst lah. So mosaic it to be safe. LOL!

Can’t believe I got through the entire day and night looking so horrifying! So sorry for those who’ve seen me today. I totally understand the disgust you felt. I promise I’ll never do that again.

At least a 3/4 or longer dress/skirt looks better, as it covers my ugly fat legs.

Will blog more about the party when I get the photos. Was too busy laughing that I forgot to take photos of the event. Sad.