Have seen this since it started. But as I wasn’t looking for a job, I didn’t quite check out the site myself. But since there’s an iPhone to be won, so I guess I’ll just give it a try. But as the title suggested, here are some of the not so creative feedback for Recruit.net (RN).

So what’s Recruit.net? As quoted from their About page…

We provide job seekers with free and instant access to millions of jobs from thousands of companies via one simple search. Our proprietary search technology crawls the internet to find job listings from corporate web sites, job boards, recruitment agencies, newspapers, classifieds and numerous other sources.

So instead of visiting individual websites to look for job vacancy, you just go to Recruit.net to search for the jobs you want. Unlike the other job search website, where companies pay them to advertise the vacancy on the website. Good thing about RN is that you’ll find almost all the jobs that’s listed on all the companies websites, agencies sites and most of the job listings online. But one thing I found not so good about RN is that the listing is not 100% accurate. Some jobs I clicked on are no longer available. But its still listed in RN. So here’s one thing that RN might want to look into.

Continuing from their about page…

We strive to make job search a fun and easy experience. Nowadays there are more and more new sources for jobs on the internet and the process of finding them is becoming more time consuming and complicated. Job seekers have to visit multiple web sites, and manage multiple accounts and registrations. We believe that people just want one place where they can quickly and simply search and track all the jobs that match their interests.

After using the website for couple of times, I still don’t find it a fun experience. The site is simple and easy to navigate. But what’s the element of fun? Then again, job searching is never a fun fun thing isn’t it? I’d encountered this 3 times this year, and trust me, its really no fun. Especially if you’ve been jobless for too long and needed that income to pay your daily needs and bills.

During that time, I did spent lots of time visiting multiple websites and painstakingly filled up 1001 forms and online CV. If only all these websites allow us to post an eResume of use the same platform and share the resume database. This way, job seekers need only fill up ONE form and update ONE form whenever there’s changes to their resume. I see that RN has this function, but as I didn’t register myself at RN, I am not sure how this function works. Cos whenever I click on a job I am keen, it directs me out of RN and to the companies website. There I’ll be told to fill up an application form. So to me, it’s still a painful experience having to fill up numerous forms.

From the registration page, all I see is that once you’re registered, you can

  • Create and easily manage your daily jobs alerts.
  • Post your resume online so that top companies can search your resume and contact you directly. (Instead if there’s a way for job seekers to send this resume to the companies they’re interested in, it’ll be better.)
  • Keep track of all your online job searches.

What I like about RN is the clean and neat layout and navigation. It’s easy to find what we want and the left sidebar provides various ways which users can choose to browse their search results.

Still I feel that there’s room for RN to improve the site and the usability. For this, I’m sure Cris has got a two very detailed reviews for RN already. He might be one of the reason why not many bloggers have taken up this contest. Who can beat his strong and powerful reviews? I know mine can’t. So there, Andrew, hope my not so creative feedback stand a chance in winning too! :)