Great place with great sight and great company. As I’d mentioned at my introduction on that day, I’m there to shoot and listen. So here are the photos taken at the casual business meet up of pingsters and like-minded at The Pod on Sunday afternoon…

Great view from the top of the pod

Great place with comfy seats

Closer look at the group

Sharing about Venture Guru

Thanks NLB for the food

Discussion in progress…

Thanks Nic for getting this cool place for us


Thanks Johnson for allowing us to use this uber cool place and for sharing information about EBIS

Wait! That’s not enough? Well, for more, join us at the next session!

You can read more about the gathering from the other bloggers… (will link them up once I find their blog/post)

And also check out and join the facebook group Paddy started.

If you would like to use the photos, please by all means. Nice meeting all of you yesterday. Sorry I’m not that chatty IRL. Hahaha…. I’m the kind of person who sticks to those I know… but once I get warmed up, I’m actually very talkative. Haha!