If you’d miss tonight’s event, well, you sure missed quite alot of fun. Here are my take from tonight. More from Adam when he gets home. It was sure a stressful evening as the “official” photographer. But the energy and excitement of seeing everyone there just make it so much fun to snap snap snap…

There were so so many photos I’m going to split this into several parts. If you want to use any of these photos on your blog, you can grab them directly from here. If you want prints of the photos, I can try to arrange something for you. Drop me an email at claudia [at] limedsign [.] com.

So here’s the story…

Before everyone arrived at

I got to take a shot of the upper floor

Daphne painstakingly wrote on all these for everyone

inside a little gift from Essential Brew

Slowly pingsters started climbing up the stairs

to the second floor and registered themselves

with the pretty ladies at the reception

The ladies were so pretty that Adam had to take a shot

at lower level (hmm… I wonder what shot he got from this. hee)

More pingsters came as the clock ticked away

Most of us wrote our name on the sticker

some decided to draw instead

Everyone was there for this

End of Part 1. To be continued…


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